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    beginner's question about PMODE for FX3


      I am a student working with the EZ-USB FX3 (CYUSB3KIT-003), and I have never really worked with devices like this before, so I just had a beginner's question about setting it up: how do I go about configuring the PMODE pins for USB Boot? I've seen references to them in several forum posts, and read all I could find in the datasheets about which pins are 1 and 0, etc, but I don't know how you actually access and change them. I noticed two pins on the FX3 board that had PMODE labeled on them, but I tried connecting them with the red headers included in the box and it didn't seem to make a difference when I plugged in the board.


      I am basically just trying to figure out how to use this board with little prior experience, and this seems to be a roadblock in getting there.


      Any and all help is appreciated!