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    Confusion of the sector organization of my device


      I have the following FLASH part number: S25FL128SAGMFIR01


      I'm using the following datasheet: http://www.cypress.com/file/177966/download




      I have a confusion regarding the sector organization of my device.


      On section 7.2 Flash Memory Array (pp.46), which table applies to my device?


      Table 7.4 or Table 7.5 ?


      0 = (sector type) Uniform 64-kB sectors






      S25FL = Device Family


      128= density 128 Mbit


      S = Device tech 0.065 µm MirrorBit Process Technology


      AG= Speed 133 MHz


      M = package type)16-pin SO package


      F = package materials Lead (Pb)-free


      I = temperature range Industrial (-40°C to + 85°C)


      R = (Latency Type, Package Details, RESET# and V_IO Support) EHPLC, SO footprint with RESET# and VIO


      0 = (sector type) Uniform 64-kB sectors


      1  = (Packing Type) Tube