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    Confusion of the sector organization of my device

      I have the following FLASH part number: S25FL128SAGMFIR01


      I'm using the following datasheet: http://www.cypress.com/file/177966/download




      I have a confusion regarding the sector organization of my device.


      On section 7.2 Flash Memory Array (pp.46), which table applies to my device?


      Table 7.4 or Table 7.5 ?


      0 = (sector type) Uniform 64-kB sectors






      S25FL = Device Family


      128= density 128 Mbit


      S = Device tech 0.065 µm MirrorBit Process Technology


      AG= Speed 133 MHz


      M = package type)16-pin SO package


      F = package materials Lead (Pb)-free


      I = temperature range Industrial (-40°C to + 85°C)


      R = (Latency Type, Package Details, RESET# and V_IO Support) EHPLC, SO footprint with RESET# and VIO


      0 = (sector type) Uniform 64-kB sectors


      1  = (Packing Type) Tube

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          Hello Stefanie,


          The TBPARM bit in the Configuration Register CR1 will tell you whether the 4K physical sectors at top or bottom.


          The default value is 0 which is bottom. The desired state of TBPARM must be selected during the initial configuration of the device during system manufacture; before the first program or erase operation on the main flash array. TBPARM must not be programmed after programming or erasing is done in the main flash array. 


          So if you did not configure initially then the default value is zero and  you should refer table 7.1 otherwise table 7.2





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            since you are using 128S  if TBPARM is "0" it will be Table 7.4 for bottom and 7.5 if TBPARM is "1" . 


            Please refer page 52 in the datasheet.