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    DFB FIR code generated by Filter component

      I have been working on PSoC 5LP for a while, PSoC is quite powerful but it takes a lot of efforts to know the details...  The DFB is another complex unit.  I disassembled the FIR code generated by the Filter component, so I can test it with the DFB Assembler.  I put some comments on it based on my understanding with the DFB module, I might be wrong...  Here is the assembly code: 

      // Copyright 2008-2013, Cypress Semiconductor Corporation.  All rights reserved.// Filter coefficients are stored in RAM-Barea acu   // 16 taps  dw 0x0F0F // mreg  dw 0x0000 // lreg  dw 0x0000 // initial value for ACU-A.reg   area data_b   // 16 taps  dw 0x00E168  dw 0x00432A  // add another 14 taps here... initial:  // Enable modulus arithmetic  acu(setmod,setmod) dmux(sa,sa) alu(set0) mac(clra)     acu(clear,clear) dmux(sa,sa) alu(hold) mac(hold) jmp(eob, wait_for_data) wait_for_data:  // Wait input from stage-A(in1) for the next element  acu(hold,hold) dmux(sa,sa) alu(hold) mac(hold) jmpl(in1,load_data)     load_data:  // Load (mreg,lreg) with (acu[0],acu[1])  acu(loadm,loadm) addr(0) dmux(sa,sa) alu(hold) mac(hold)                      acu(loadl,loadl) addr(1) dmux(sa,sa) alu(hold) mac(hold)   // Open the channel from stage-A(addr(1)) to RAM-A at mux1a
        acu(hold,hold) addr(1) dmux(ba,sa) alu(hold) mac(hold)    // Write data to RAM-A, modify mux, load acu-A with acu[2]   acu(read,clear) addr(2) dmux(sra,sra) alu(setb) mac(clra) write(da) jmp(eob, calc) write_bus:    // Write acu[2] with acu-A.reg   acu(write,clear) addr(2) dmux(sa,srm) alu(setb) mac(hold)   acu(hold,hold) dmux(sa,sa) alu(hold) mac(hold)   // Write shifter output to the bus' holding register A with addr(1)   acu(hold,hold) addr(1) dmux(sa,sa) alu(hold) mac(hold) write(abus) jmp(eob, wait_for_data) calc:    // Multiplication   acu(incr,incr) dmux(sra,srm) alu(setb) mac(macc) jmpl(eob, acubeq, write_bus)