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    I2S TX_FIFO_0_NOT_FULL sticks at Zero


      I am performing a simple byte bang routine on I2S Tx-only config on PSoC4


      I have a tight loop which simply checks the TX_FIFO_0_NOT_FULL and if "1" calls I2S_WriteByte(). Frame rate is approx 21us.


      It seems to work until I put a CyDelayUs(100) in the loop meaning that a byte bang has not occurred for the next frame time. Then, the NOT_FULL bit gets stuck at "0".


      I have DMA rqst and all INT sources unchecked.


      Is this I2S module supposed to hang like this in a byte bang implementation?


      Also as another test, I tried banging 2 bytes in a row with a double call of I2S_WriteByte() and only one the bytes gets xmitted. I thought this module is supposed to buffer up to four bytes.


      Also, is there any way to bang 16-bits so not having to worry about a lost byte which will straddle the bytes across the sample period and cause havoc on the output audio... ie, if the I2S is in 16-bit data mode, I want to write the 16-bit value in a single variable so bytes don't get out of sync. Isn't this a 32-bit ARM? Why is this perif only 8-bit intfc?