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    Programming issues


      Hi everyone,


      I have the CY8CKIT-059, but I have had some troubles programming it through both PSOC programmer AND creator.


      First thing of cause : I updated the firmware - no problem, but when i tried to program it - it said that it could not acquire SWD mode - so after pressing the reset button a few times - which turned the board LED off for 0.5 sec, then I ended up keeping it pressed until the programmer flashed  few times - and now I can't even see the KitProg in PSOC Programmer - it appears as a KitProg USB device, but not visible in the programming software (PROGRAMMER or CREATOR) ?




      What to do? I have a final project hand in by December 19, so pretty stressed that it just stopped working >_<




      Kind regards,


      Morten Skelmose

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