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    Question about the FX2LP Endpoint Buffer

      Dear all,


      I two fundamental questions about architecture of EZ-USB FX2LP.


      1. How many packets could be hold in a Quad Buffered Output Endpoint? (e.g. EP2).


      - - This question arises while testing the Bulkloop example. The EP2 is configured as double buffered OUT. My first thought is that two consecutive "transfer data out" could be performed. But it turns out that 4 consecutive "transfer data out" could be performed before encountering error (code 997).


      2. The RAM space for Endpoint 2, 4, 6, 8 Buffer is as large as 1024 bytes due to the TRM, then how is the quad buffered 512 bytes EP2 (or EP8) be implemented?


      Please be so kind to share your knowledge. Thanks