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      When I set 1500 as fine_timer_interval of BLE_PROFILE_CFG, appFineTimerCb is called every 1 sec.


      Is 1000 maximum value for this timer?



      I have another question.


      The difference between normal timer and fine timer is only resolution.


      Is my understanding correct?



      Id like to have detailed API documents.

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          With reference to your request, which of the included profiles are you working with when attempting to set the fine timer value to 1500ms?



          I ask because in certain profiles like the ROM based Blood_Pressure_Monitor_Plus, the value is set to 1000ms for fine_timer_interval (below)



          BLE_PROFILE_CFG blebpm_mod_cfg =




              /*.fine_timer_interval            =*/ 1000, // ms



          However, in looking through other ROM based profiles like Proximity_Plus and Health_Thermometer_Plus, the value is set to 500ms per the comments in BLE_PROFILE_CFG.



          The only API documentation available is linked within the SDK install under DocAPIindex.html



          There was only a limited amount of information available on the timers, so I will ask the software team and get back to you with an answer.



          Specifically, related to fine_timer_interval I will ask the question whether or not the difference between this timer and the normal timer based on resolution only.
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            I confirmed with the developers that setting the fine timer to anything larger than 1500 will result in 1 callback per second. 



            The reasonable values for this setting are 12-1000.



            In addition, the Bluetooth LE stack supports two free running timers.  The normal timer has a resolution of one second while the fine timer can be configured in the device configuration to be as low as 12 milliseconds.
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              Thank you.