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    Upgrade of CY5670 - CySmart USB Dongle to Bluetooth 4.2




      In the past I ordered the CY8CKIT-042-BLE Kit and I used the CY5670 CySmart USB Dongle for testing some BLE applications. Only very recently I ordered also the Cypress CYBLE-222014-01 supporting BLE 4.2.


      In order to receive the measured data on the PC with the aid of the CySmart Central Emulation Tool is still possible to use CY5670 Dongle, although it only supports BLE 4.1?


      If not, is there any upgrade available, so that the CY5670 Dongle can also support 4.2 BLE? At your website http://www.cypress.com/documentation/development-kitsboards/cy8ckit-042-ble-bluetooth-low-energy-ble-pioneer-kit I turned my attention to the  "BLE 4.2 Dongle CySmart" file. Does it concern occasionally to the upgrade I need?


      Or do I need absolutely to order the CY5677 CySmart BLE 4.2 USB Dongle to test my application developed on CYBLE-222014-01?


      Very appreciated in advance for your kind help!


      Nuno Alves