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    USB Keyboard non-responsive after running PSoC5lp USB HID Bootloader

      I have a PSoC5LP part with the USB HID Bootloader loaded.  It works great.  I load and run all night long.


      I put my laptop to sleep and wake it and my USB keyboard no longer works. If I reboot it is fine.


      My workaround is to use a second machine to bootloading from, but this is non-optimal to say the least.  If my customers for this product have this same issue, they will not be impressed.


      I only need to run the bootloader app, not even perform a bootload for the condition to occur. This problem has persisted from last year up to and including this morning always using the latest/greatest PSoC Creator and bootloader projects.


      As an aside, my keyboard at home is attached to a full dock with it's own USB interface.  This keyboard is not affected.  This problem has occurred on the two similar HP laptops I've tried it on.


      I have contacted support in the past and they want me to invest in a USB analyzer which isn't likely to happen here.


      Has anyone else seen this problem?  I just found the source for CyUsb so I'll look into that for clues when I get time.


      - John