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    Problems getting started with CY8CKIT-059 and emfile



      I am new to the PSoC5. I got the LED blinking example to run, but I am struggling to write data to an SD card using the emfile example project or even get the LCD to work.


      General question: Do I have to set any GPIO properties (pullups etc.) myself when assigning a pin on the emfile component or does the built-in component do all of this automatically?


      I have the SD card formatted in FAT32 format, I use the emf32noslfn lib. The compiler does not find the FS_FAT_SupportLFN() function. I understood this function needs to be called at the beginning of the main function when using the kit I bought?


      The oscilloscope shows there is activity on the DI, CLK, and CS pins of my SD card.


      I flashed the Kit prog to the current version successfully.


      Attached please find the project file; anything else which would make sense to help someone help me?




      Thank you very much in advance for any useful hints!