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    port acquire failed in PSOC 4 BLE

      Hello freinds: I am trying to run my first program using PSOC 4 BLE kit. I plugged in CYBC4247LQI-BL483 chip in KitProg. When I try to debug/program it fails with a message "port acquire failed". Could anybody help me. I using window 10 computer.


      Some other info:


      1) When I start PSOC programmer, I dont see any device appearing in its list, unless I plugin the dongle. Even when I have dongle in I am unable to debug/program.


      2) I see KitProg appearing in "safely remove and eject media section". In device manager KitProg appears only in  portable devices section. When I ask to update the driver, it shows all the drivers updated.


      Thank you to all.