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    Sending data between two BLE devices


      I working to send a simple Int between two BLE devices. I've been able to run the UART example in which one device is setup as a central and the other as peripheral. All works well there. This allows you to type in a serial window and it sends it to the other device. 


      What I'm trying to do now is a simple Int programmatically between the two devices. I am able to get the data back and forth however it always comes out weird on the device that I'm sending it to. 


      Here is how I send a piece of data from my peripheral device: 


      void Send_Event_Code_To_Sensor(int eventCode)
          CYBLE_API_RESULT_T              bleApiResult;
          CYBLE_GATTS_HANDLE_VALUE_NTF_T     tempHandle5;
          tempHandle5.value.val = (uint8*)eventCode;
          tempHandle5.value.len = sizeof(eventCode); 
              bleApiResult = CyBle_GattsNotification(cyBle_connHandle, &tempHandle5);
           while((CYBLE_ERROR_OK != bleApiResult)  && (CYBLE_STATE_CONNECTED == cyBle_state));




      Here is how I receive it on the central device: 


      void HandleUartRxTraffic(CYBLE_GATTC_HANDLE_VALUE_NTF_PARAM_T *uartRxDataNotification)
          if(uartRxDataNotification->handleValPair.attrHandle == txCharHandle)
              unsigned int paramVal = *uartRxDataNotification->handleValPair.value.val;


      The problem is that when I receive the data it's always something weird. 


      For instance, if I try to send the number 1 from my peripheral like this: 




      It decodes as 64 on my central device. What am I doing wrong here? Is it because I'm sending it as a pointer here: 


      tempHandle5.value.val = (uint8*)eventCode;