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    Selectin devices on UART to BLE

      Hi all.


      I am trying to make a UART to BLE connection between various devices. I have 3 different CYBLE-022001-00 modules, one in CENTRAL mode, with the UART_to_BLE_central code loaded an the other two on PERIPHERAL mode with the UART_to_BLE_peripheral code loaded.


      I want to select on the CENTRAL device witch PERIPHERAL device connect to, but as I can see debugging the code, all of the modules take the same peer BD address (bba050101112).


      Does anyone know why do all my CYBLE-022001-00 modules take the same address? Is there any way to change it?


      What should I do on the UART_to_BLE_central to just allow connection of the devices I want? 


      Thanks in advance,