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    IRL Battery Level Measurements - Explain to me like I'm 5

      So I've browsed to forums, watched the videos, and this great tutorial, which I've learned from valuable info from all, but I want to ensure that a non-devkit application is going to work correctly.  I'm using a 222014 chip.  I have the module all well, and both have VREF pads with a 1uF bypass cap attached.  I'm running the bare chip on a CR2032 (3.3v), my ADC component is set to Internal 1.024 volts, bypassed, and my vref pin from the ADC is set to P3.6.  Measurement code is ready, using the script in the tutorial.


      So, with that setup, would I:


      a) connect pad P3.6 to pad VREF and done?


      b) Have a voltage divider, from the CR2032, down to 1.024V into pad P3.6...?


          b.1) AND pad P3.6 to pad VREF?


      c)  All sorts of NOPE, and better ideas?