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        How about wiced_wifi_set_tx_power() ?
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          Phil, unless your app transmits a metric shedload, receive dominates power consumption by a loooooong way, NOT transmit.


          Power consumption is all about "integrating the area under the curve"



          Energy to transmit a 1ms packet at 350mW = 350uJ


          Energy to run a receiver for 1s at 60mW = 60mJ



          Make sense?



          Plus, the power saved by dropping RF Tx power is not net necessarily that much.


          It depends on the class of power amplifier used.
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            Jason, thanks for that last reply.  It is VERY helpful.



            Ive got a customer using WICED as follows.


            1.  WICED is in AP mode


            2.  WICED TXs a 4 byte packet to STA


            3.  WICED RXs a 540 byte packet from STA.


            Steps 2 & 3 repeat so long as the WICED radio is on.  This mode dominates the use case.  The radio never TXs more than 4 bytes.  The radio never RXs more than 540 byte packets.


            [ratio of TX to RX is 1 to 135 ]



            The thought was that given the TX is 7x the RX that turning down the power would help.  [Generally the two radios are close - at arms length literally.]


            Ignoring whatever the WICED needs to do in STA mode, the use case mirrors what you mention i.e. RX dominates.



            The current solution [K60 + AR6103] has average power of 58 mA @ 3.3v.  The customers goal is 1/3 better i.e. 38 mA.



            Most of the means to save power assume radio is STA arent they [i.e. sleep.]  Given the above use case, please suggest current saving techniques.  If these can be easily demonstrated to the customer, all the better.






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              There is no general powersaving techniques for an Access Point unfortunately.


              The AP receiver must remain on permanently to receive packets asynchronously from associated clients.



              The Wi-Fi Direct standard provides some powersaving techniques for a Wi-Fi Direct Group Owner.


              These are not currently implemented in WICED.