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    Where can I find design examples of CY7C67200?

      The  http://www.cypress.com/part/cy7c67200-48baxi contains a lot of information about the CY7C67200 but no simple example designs except a complex example for which no link exists to download! How is that even possible? Is there a place that contains a lot of examples of application of CY7C67200 in its various forms starting from e.g how to implement it as a host of USB mouse and keyboard (what I need)?




      In my case the CY7C67200 is connected to an external controller inside an FPGA on the DE2-115 board. Too bad the ISP1362 which has much information about how to use it from different places, became obsolete. Now I am stuck with CY7C67200 for which I do not find any example at all.




      How is one supposed to get up and running with such a complex device without example designs?