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    S25FL116K Flash not able to Erase

      Hi I am trying to erase using chip erase (0xC7), I have also tried using block erase and sector erase but to no avail.  Attached is a shot of my scope setting the WEL bit and sending a chip erase command but the busy bit never gets fired.  All of my SR registers are at the defaults.


      Any help would be greatly appreciated, thank you very much!

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          Hi Dustin,


          As you are using S25FL116K which is 16Mb part you need to erase using C2h. C7h is for 32M part. Please try with the 0xC2 and check if you are observing the same issue.





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            thank you Krishna!


            I am sorry to report that 0xC2 did not work, I am using the documentation that I found here:




            When I sent 0xC7 at least the WEL bit was reset to low after the command was sent.  With the command 0XC2 the WEL stays high.


            Do I have to set any status registers to do an erase chip command?  


            Is there another set of documents that are specific to the 16Mb chip?  The document I have seems to be just for the 32Mb chip.  I was getting the 0xC7 value from Table 8.1 (this table and the subsequent tables are what I'm using for the commands).


            So my 2 questions:


            Where is the correct documentation that I should be using?


            Should I be setting Registry values to a specific value before performing a reset?


            Than you Very much for your help,



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              I've found that the 0xC7 command finally did work.  The scope shot is a valid signal.  The problem turned out to be a floating pin around the Hold pin,  Was High except for very small dips that caused the commands not to be recieved.




              Sorry about the confusion and thank you for the response.