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    fork project

      well, what looks unclear to me - if I can decide at one point, that there will be two devices with different logic, schematic, etc, but both are derivatives of what I have for a moment.


      I can't just copy a project to a different directory - some paths will be broken then. I have to copypaste schematics and code. even worse when it's user library in use...


      what if there is a button in the menus, which brings me my project with the name and path of choice? or a button to 'recover' brocken links in the already copied project?

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          Use the "Create Workspace Bundle" function from Creator. you may copy your actual project uncompressed into a new folder.





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            All libraries have relative path. If you save project in same root, new project will work ok. for example




















            Steps to save a copy of the project


            1. Select project .proj in the project explorer (left window).


            2. Goto File->save as .... Save it under new name. The IDE windows will get updated.


            3. Close workspace (You get empty IDE). When  asked "Save workspace?" - NO.


            4. Open new project.