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    Simple example to use CY7C67200 as USB host for mouse & keyboard

      The documentation on how to use the CY7C67200 is most poor. It is being used in the Altera DE2-115 FPGA development board for USB communication and therefore I need to understand how to use it.


      I need very simple example of how to use it as a USB host to communicate with USB mouse and keyboard. I also want to understand how to create a USB mouse and keyboard from it (i.e USB slave). Where can I find such examples? The only 1 design example on this Cypress website for CY7C67200 is about some dongle with bluetooth capability. In any case, this design example CANNOT BE DONWLOADED.


      Is this part obsolete or what? The design support is so bad I am shocked. There does not seem to be any example on the internet too. Surely, there would be some example designs perhaps hidden somewhere right?