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    BLE HID Mouse example project for Pioneer Kit

      Hi, I am using the CY8CKIT-042-BLE Pioneer Kit to test the PSoC 4 module and have run into a problem with the mouse example.  I have followed successfully each step of the example guide, but the mouse will NOT appear when I try to "Add a device" on my Win 10 machine.


      Text from the guide:


      "To connect to the HID Device, click on “Add a device” in the Devices and Printers window of the Control Panel. Select “BLE Mouse” device and click the Next button. Setup will automatically install the necessary files in the system and the mouse pointer will be moving in a square clockwise direction."


      I am able to scan, pair, discover, etc with the CySmart tool just fine and when I connect to the board via USB/UART, I can see the HID notifications and updates coming frequently.  The LED is behaving as expected, and once I've enabled notifications using CySmart I get the rapidly blinking blue.


      HID notification 0 0 fd
      HID notification 0 0 fd
      SimulBatteryLevelUpdate: 7
      HID notification 0 0 fd
      HID notification 0 0 fd


      In short, there appears to be no other problem besides the mouse not appearing in add devices.  oh - nothing appears in the Device Manager window either, except the dongle of course which shows as a 'HID-compliant vendo-defined device' and 'USB Input Device'.  My dongle is the one that came with the kit, and both boards have had firmware updated to the latest.


      Does someone know if there's a missing piece to the user guide?  Is this a known defect?  BLE HID Mouse v 1.0.  Thanks all.

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          I may be on to something here... the PC I'm trying to connect to does not have it's own Bluetooth interface so perhaps that's why it's not seeing the mouse.  I had thought the guide was referring to using the dongle as the connection point, but now I suspect the dongle may not be capable of being that, and that the guide is really showing a connection to a non-Cypress interface.


          Am I on the right track here?  Is it possible to make the dongle work in that way?

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            Yes, the assumption is correct. The example will work only if the Host supports BLE inbuilt. In case of Windows, you can test with Windows 8 or later versions.The Windows 7 and older version does not have HOGP drivers.


            Please refer to the BLE_HID_Keyboard example project datasheet section "Project Description".