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    Simultaneously advertise and scan


      I would like to simultaneously broadcast advertisement packets while scanning for broadcast messages from other devices.


      The following threads seem to indicate that this is possible, however I am not sure how to program this behavior.






      Could anyone point me in the direction or provide some example code?


      Specifically, I would like to broadcast data that includes dynamically updated user-specific data while scanning for advertisement packets from other devices (which implement the exact same broadcast+observer behavior).


      My target device is CYBLE-212019-00.





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          Hi Jaemann,


          Yes, it is possible to do both broadcaster and observer at the same time.


          In the BLE component, You can put the device in to Central and Peripheral GAP role ,


          Broadcaster settings to be noted: Make the advertisement settings as : Discovery mode: Non discoverable Advertising: Non connectable undirected advertising


          Observer settings to be noted: To make the central in observer mode, add the below code in the CYBLE_EVT_STACK_ON event. cyBle_discoveryInfo.discProcedure=CYBLE_GAPC_OBSER_PROCEDURE; (for making observation procedure) After this call start scan API. Call start advertising API also in stack on. Now the device will act both as broadcaster and observer.