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    HID over GATT

      I am currently working with my first HID over GATT project.  I am using the sample code for HID Keyboard as the starting point.  However, I am unable to understand two things:


      1. The 8 bytes of data I send out using CyBle_HidssSendNotification.  What do they mean?  Where can I find the specification?


      2. How do I know when I can send another key?  For example, if I want to send the string "Hello" what should I do?  I tried sending via subsequent calls but only the first one arrive.


      Thank you.

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          1)Are you referring to the HID keyboard example? In that case 8 bytes is the standard number of bytes which will be sent to host in case of all standard keyboards. If you want details on what each bytes means , please have a look at "AN58726"(Link:http://www.cypress.com/documentation/application-notes/an58726-usb-hid-intermediate-psoc-3-and-psoc-5lp) section: 2.1 Data Sent to the Host.


          2) If you have a look at the example project , we have added a small timer KEYBOARD_TIMEOUT. Inside SimulateKeyboard() there is condition 


          if((CyBle_GattGetBusyStatus() == CYBLE_STACK_STATE_FREE) && (--keyboardTimer == 0u))


          this will ensure that the next data can be sent.





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            Hi Hima, thank you for the information.  Will definitely look at the doc.  It is great that there is a timeout on the HID example, this means I can simply make a buffer to store the keys I like to send, and store an index to let the keys out in sequence.