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    EZ-BLE and CapSense - auto assign pins during build

      Using the CYBLE-214009-00 Module & PSoC Creator 3.3 CP3.


      I added a CapSense P4-V3.0 object and configured two buttons and Auto-tune since it was the default (see Capsense.jpg).


      I am using a SAR ADC and 7 analog inputs to measure voltage, temperature, etc.


      Also have a BLE and SPI Master objects too.


      I am able to compile the project. My question deals with the pin selections made by the PSoC Creator (see Design.jpg)


      1. Cmod function is assigned to pin P3.5 (I read where the Cmod is internally connected to a capacitor inside the module and nothing else was needed.


      2. The 2 x CapSense buttons are assigned to pins '33' and '34', which makes no sense since there are only 32 pins on the EZ-BLE module.


      I have two unused pins that I hope can be used for the CapSense buttons. I also hope Pin P3.5 an be left along too.


      I have looked at some example code and Cmod is generally assigned to pin '33' and the CapSense sliders/buttons are assigned to available pins less than #32.


      Does anyone have an idea of what kind of 'pot hole' I might of put my foot into?