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    EZ-BLE and SPI Master - auto assign pins during build


      Using the CYBLE-214009-00 Module & PSoC Creator 3.3 CP3.


      I added a SPI Master V2.5 object and and plan to communicate to an F-RAM memory chip and an OLED display.


      I am also using a SAR ADC and 7 analog inputs to measure voltage, temperature, etc.


      Also have a BLE and CapSense objects too.


      I am able to compile the project. My question deals with the pin selections made by the PSoC Creator. I am getting ready to send the pcb design off to get some prototype board made and want to double check the PSoC BLE  Module pin connections. I am looking at the CYBLE-214009-00 Datasheet turned to Table 4 (page 9 of 42) I will use SWD programming (Pins P0.6 & P0.7 are dedicated to programming the BLE module) so that tells me I have to use SCB1 for SPI communications.


      1. Auto pin selector placed SLCK on P0.5, which Table 4 says is for SCB0/MISO.


      2. Auto pin selector placed MISO on P1.3, which Table 4 says is for SCB1/SS3.


      3. Auto pin selector placed MOSI on P2.1, which Table 4 says is for SCB0/SS2.


      I suppose my question is two fold -


      A. If I use the 'second' SCB SPI block (i.e. SCB1)- do I have to use the following pins:


      SLCK - not shown which pin to use in Table 4


      MISO - P0.1 per Table 4


      MOSI - not shown which pin to use in Table 4


      If not then should I use the pins provided by the PSoC Creator auto assign pins function?


      B. Can I dual purpose pins P0.6 & P0.7 for programing the Module and use SCB0 too? 


      Project file is attached. thanks