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    CapSense vs CapSense CSD



      I'm newbie in cypress, want to develop my bare-metal board with few touch buttons and proximity detection. I'm trying to choose right device for this (simplest which will fit). I was thinking about CY8C4045 but it doesn't support CapSense CSD component. I cannot figure out the benefit of using CapSense CSD compare to simple CapSense component, so I'd like to ask for short explanation of difference. Sensitivity is important for me (surface will be 4mm acryllic). 

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          Hello Ostap,


          Your choice of selecting PSoC 4000S chip is good. It has the latest CapSense IP and supports much more parasitic capacitance (upto 200pF) on the CapSense sensors when compared to other PSoC devices (upto 45 pF). 


          The chip contains the latest version of CapSense component i.e. CapSense [v3.0] which is advanced when compared to CapSense CSD. The main differences between those two components is mentioned in the page number 113 of the document obtained from the link below. Please go through it.