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    Using CapSense_CSD_P4 with button

      I'm attempting to use the CapSense_CSD_P4 to enable a proximity sensor. I downloaded and ran the example project and all goes well. If I try to add a simple button everything breaks. 


      The proximity sensor reads fine until you press the button, which then causes the proximity sensor to read its max value 255 indefinitaly. 


      Attached is an example project. All I did was take the example proj from Cypress and add a debouncer with pin. So if you run it with a proximity attached and a button here is what happens: 


      1. Code loads fine


      2. As you move your hand closer to proxmity sensor red LED on pioneer board changes intensity (working fine)


      3. If you press the button the led goes to full bright 


      4. Proximity sensor no longers works. Code is in some type of deadlock.