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    QR Code Scanner using CY8CKIT-048 PSoC® Analog Coprocessor Pioneer Kit

      I'm trying to make a QR Code Scanner & Decoder.


      I referred some material on Atmel's "SAM4S PIR Camera Reference Design" which uses a combination of PIR sensor + CMOS sensor to detect motion & take a VGA-compatible snapshot respectively.


      The CY8CKIT-048 also has a PIR sensor. I want to know if a CMOS sensor can be used to obtain a similar functionality.


      My primary objective is a QR code scanner, so, higher resolution is not a necessity.


      Also, please let me know if there are other ways to do so using the CY8CKIT-048 or any other PSoC.










      Links to files:


      "AT01180: Barcode and QR code scanner User Guide" - http://www.atmel.com/tools/SAM4S-WPIR-RD.aspx?tab=documents