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    How to know if CX3 recongizes MIPI CSI-2 clock?

      I'm working with a custom camera frontend that does not follow MIPI-DPHY spec exacty on the clock lane.


      The clock lane of this camera does not have HS-ZERO in its LP-HS transition.


      The clock is continuous clock mode: LP-HS transition only happen once, clock does not switch back to LP between lines or frames.




      1) Can CX3 recognize this non-standard clock lane? (NXP IMX6Q SoC can recognize it)


      2) How do I check the status of clock lane? (How do I know whether the clock is recognized by CX3 or not?)


          Currently I can get the camera frontend to transimit MIPI data, but I don't get the DMA callback on the CX3 side. I don't get any MIPI errors from CyU3PMipicsiGetErrors(). I'm suspecting the clock lane is not recognized by CX3. I want to confirm this. Is there a register that reports this?


      3) It it possible to always run the clock lane always in HS mode?


          For NXP IMX6Q SoC, I must reset the MIPI DPHY when the clock lane is LP, then do LP-HS transition, then the SoC will recognize MIPI clock. If I reset MIPI DPHY with the clock already in HS mode, then it won't see the clock at all.


          Is it also the case for CX3?