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    Modbus interface on PSoC-4M




      There is a project that requires communication between a battery and the inverter attached to the battery. The battery has an in built chip for communication. I am involved in designing the inverter. I have decided to use a PSoC-4M chip for inverter control.


      The communication between the battery and inverter needs to happen over Modbus and/or CAN. Modbus is compulsary, CAN may or may not be included. The problem is that I have never used any of the two up till now. After searching, I found two PSoC-4M chips that have a CAN driver. But I can't find one with a Modbus driver. Neither can I find Modbus interface IC. Like we have SCB for I2C, UART, SPI etc. don't we have one for Modbus? Please help me find a way of implementing modbus support on PSoC-4M. 


      Thank you