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    Write User SFlash interferes with SW Tx UART


      Dear all,


      I noticed using the very useful code snippet WriteUserSFlash for writing data to user flash prevents SW TX UART from working.


      I understood that writing to user flash requires changing the system clock and SW TX UART requires a call to CyDelayFreq after this clock modification. But I do not know what to provide as a parameter, I tried 0 as this is the original value but it did not solve the problem.


      I also imagine that as the system clock is restored after writing, thus there might be no impact as long as one does not use the SW TX UART component when the system clock is changed.


      I attached a sample test derived from the original code snippet to demonstrate the issue on BLE pioneer kit.


      Is there some information I missed that helps getting those two fellows working together ?


      Thanks a lot for your help,