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    FX3 for composite device ISOC3.0 transfer fail


      I face the two problems when FX3 enurmation as a composite device.


      1. I make FX3 to a composite device.(One is HID, another is Cypress FX3 USB StreamExample device) and then use Stream tool to do ISOC3.0 speed test. It have a probability to come out error message 0xC000000E during data transmission. The error would not come out when FX3 enurmation as a single Cypress FX3 USB StreamExample device. 




      2. When I switch the composite to USB2.0 device and install the Cypress FX3 USB StreamExample device driver on the NB. When I send the data through the HID devcie, there is a chance that an error code 29 CY_U3P_ERROR_MUTEX_FAILURE appear after CyU3PDmaChannelGetBuffer. If I uninstall the Cypress FX3 USB StreamExample device driver, I could send the data through HID without error.




      The attach is cyfxisodscr.txt could anyone help me to solve the promblem? Thanks!!