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    Function Call using a  separate Name.c  and Name.h Files


      I am new to software programming, so please frame your help response with that in mind.  My problems is:


      I have taken example projects code which has Functions defined in separate Named.c files containing the Function code. I have made modification to them and all works fine.


      I have made up new Function Calls and Function Code within the main.c file and call them within the main for loop and all works fine.


      When I take the same Function Calls and create separate .c and .h files and call them, I get the error : Build error: The command 'arm-none-eabi-gcc.exe' failed with exit code '1'.   I have look at the .c and .h files for the external Function Calls that work and have, as far as I can tell, duplicated all the required #includes and void Name (void); entries .


      Is there some typical step a newbie like me might not be doing beyond creating the files and trying to build?