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    Why my BCM9WCDPLUS114 cant connect with BCM920732_TAG and SensorTag from TI?

      I have BCM9WCDPLUS114 evk board. I use demo.bt_smartbridge application to verify smartbridge function.


      I have three BLE modules, BCM920732_TAG, SensorTag from TI(http://www.ti.com/ww/en/wireless_connectivity/sensortag/index.shtml?INTC=SensorTag&HQS=sensortag) and LightBlue running on iPad. Below is scan and connect webpage:




      BCM9WCDPLUS114 can get three BLE devices by scan.


      BUT, only LightBlue on iPad can connect with BCM9WCDPLUS114. BCM920732_TAG and SensorTag cant connect with BCM9WCDPLUS114, they are always "connecting".


      Whats the reason? Paring authentication?