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    AMuxHW: Problems with sheet connector


      Hi, I am trying to use a 20 port analog multiplexer. It has an input AMuxHW_1 which is 5 bits wide.


      In EP64560 on page 2 I see how 2 outputs of a lookup table are combined into 1 sheet connector that is then 2 bits wide, and then another instance of this sheet connector is connected to the AMuxHW input of a 3 port Amux.


      I have 2 problems:


      1) How can I tell the sheet connector how many bits it is wide? When I connect 2 outputs of a control register to a sheet connector, they are connected to each other, and my sheet connector is still 1 bit wide.


      2) I understand that I need the sheet connector twice, once in the place where the 5 bits are combined into one bus and once at the AMuxHW where I need a bus to control the switching. How can I "invoke" the sheet connector again? How can I give it a name?

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                  To combine two wires into 2-bit wide bus: (1) double-click 1-st wire and in the dialog window select byte 0 (no need to give wire a name). In result you will see label "[0]" below the wire. (2) double-click 2-nd wire and select bit 1. In result you will see label "[1]" below the wire. 3) draw a wire, dbl-click it and give it indices from 1 to 0. In result you will see "[1:0]" below. This is 2-bit bus. (4) now connect your 1-st and 2-nd wire to a bus. You are just joined 2-wires into a bus. If several wires (or buses) have same names they are considered to be connected as if the are continuously drawn on the schematic. Again, dbl-click the bus and add a custom name in second line of the dialog (e.g. "mybus1"). In result you will get a label "mybus1 [1:0]" attached under the bus. Lastly, the sheet connector only required to connect wires located on separate sheets of the schematic. It is not needed for wires located on the same page. The sheet connector has no dialog or properties; it is merely a graphic symbol indicating a link to another sheet.   
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            Thank you, this solved my problem.