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    Micro stops running when try to write to Uart Egress Data Register



      I am developing on fx3 super speed board. First the board boots from USB as cypress bootloader and I upload my own image to RAM. Then the board is enumerated as Cypress FX3.  A set configuration command is received from host computer, followed by a unknown vendor request 0xa0. Writing to UART Egress Data Register 0xE0000810  works fine before receiving unknown 0xa0 request, I can communicate with the micro attached to UART and finish protocol messages. After receiving the 0xa0 request and return with handle=False, I find a strange problem: I tried to write to UART Egress Data Register 0xE0000810, the whole micro totally stopped running.


       I checked the most UART registers just before writing to the Egress data Register.  UART Config Register= 0x80071103, UART Status Register=0x1f0000f0, UART Power Register=0x80000001, Uart interrupt Register=0xc8, Uart interrupt mask register = 0x202. All looks good. 




      Can anybody kindly tell me what caused the problem?