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    How to capture and handle a status interrupt sent by CX3?




      I am developing a USB3.0 camera with CX3. I have designed two general purpose buttons and attached them to two GPIO pins on CX3 (GPIO 24 and 21). Currently, these two buttons are used for brightness + and -. 




      On the firmware side, I have managed to create a GPIO interrupt call back function and in which use CyU3PDmaChannelSetupSendBuffer to send the status interrupt packet to PC. 




      My question is on the PC side how I can capture the status interrupt? I use V4L2 on Ubuntu 16.04 to develope the PC software. I googled the question but I haven't found any answers. In the V4L2 specs I noticed there is VIDIOC_SUBSCRIBE_EVENT, but I am not sure if this can capture the interrupt from the device.