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    CY8C4247-LQI-483 to DS18B20

      Hi ,


                I'm using PsoC 4.0 BLE and CY8C4247-LQI-483 ,I'm connectiong the sensor DS18B20 water proof sensor,I'm using the code and screenshots below.I'm getting the build succeeded and able to program,but not able to see the temperature output on UART.I have made the changes in UART (115200,57200) but still I can't find the output.


                In the code the top design is for CY8C4245AXI-483 ,I have made the device selector to CY8C4247-LQI-483,can able to build and program the code.I'm getting the warning of  Unable to locate and customize component 'PSoC_4_Pioneer_Kit' used in schematic.Can I know why I'm not able to get the data on UART.Can I know the wiring too?Thanks in advance.





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