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    Analog Coprocessor CharLcd component

      I want to drive a char LCD with the CY8CKIT-048 Kit. Do the CharLCD_V_2_20 component works with the Analog Coprocessor?

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          You can always create a project with your desired chip and see what is offered in the component catalog.





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            Hi Amoha,

            The Analog Co-processor kit ( CY8CKIT-048) does support CharLCD[v2.20] component. It additionally has a CharLCD with I2C interface and  Segment LCD. If you have any such doubts you can always open a project with target device as Analog Coprocessor and search for the components you need in the component catalog. If you need help with usage of components, go to File -> Code Examples. You can search example codes for the component for the specefic device you are using.

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