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    Information: BCM20732S debug/trace capabilities through the HCI UART port


      The BCM20732 supports the use of Serial Wire Debug (SWD) debug/trace messages that are output through the HCI UART port that's onboard. The SWD pins are muxed with HCI UART and are used in such a manner that the hardware and firmware can auto-detect the presence of SWD or the HCI host; this means that HCI based download and debugging are mutually exclusive of one another.



      In order to use these debug/trace output facilities from the HCI UART, you would need to:



      1.) Closest to the BCM20732S (note that the JP1 header resides on the other side of the FTDI USB to USB converter, so it will not work), create a set of jumpers to an external header that contains the following signals: SWCLK = HCI UART_TX, SWIO = HCI UART_RX (the SWD SWO signal is not supported)


      2.) Set ble_trace_enable = 0 when initializing the application


      3.) Once debugging is complete over SWD, return ble_trace_enable to its default state to enable downloads



      Note: Setting ble_trace_enable = 2 will output printf style traces to the HCI uart, which will then interfere with the symbolic debugger over SWD.

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