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    Missing Library Components

      I am going through the PSoC 101 Video Tutorials and have reached Lesson 4 and am unable to find the NOT gate in my component library.  I am using the PSoC 4200 BLE Kit, so component CY8C4247LQ*-BL483 is what I'm programming to.  There are only 197 components loaded in the library.




      I have tried going to Tools>Options>Design Entry>Component Catalog and activated "Show Hidden Components".  This does make a plethora of additional components appear, including the NOT gate and all the logic gates, but attempting to add the NOT gate into the schematic failes with the error:


      Multiple drivers on signal "Net_25", bit(s) "0".


      Every signal bit must have exactly one driver (e.g., connected to one schematic input terminal or one instance output terminal). The given bits have more than one driver each. Remove the extra drivers on the indicated signal.




      I then tried downloading and installing the PSoC 4200 BLE RDK (although I may likely have already had it).  This made no discernable difference.  Still 197 components and the not gate not one of them.


      Is the PSoC 4200 BLE Kit simply not compatible with logic gates?

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          Please go through this path in your system- C:\Program Files (x86)\Cypress\PSoC Creator\4.0\PSoC Creator\psoc\content\CyPrimitives\CyPrimitives.cylib Here ,at this path you should find all the component (.cylib files) corresponding to all the components in "register", "utility" and in "Logic" like and,or ,not etc.
          Check whether there are problems  in security settings of the folder or not.


          Then after that, check that on right clicking the project and after selecting Dependencies,you should have following checks in dependencies as shown in picture attached.