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    Many fast connections to central



      I want to create four HID joysticks and one receiver. Pressed buttons should be transferred at a maximum rate of 60 Hz (only if buttons are pressed). The minimum connection interval at BLE is 7.5 s and only one peripheral could be connected at the same time. It is possible to connect to more than one peripheral with time shifting.
      What is the fastest switch rate? Is it possible to switch 4 times within 15 ms?
      If not, would daisy chaining be a solution? The receiver would be the central, the first joystick a peripheral and the central for the next joystick. So every device only would have a maximum of two connections, but the lag could be too big (data of joystick 4 would have 4 connection switches).


      Another question: How can I check if my HID joystick data is correct? All BLE parameters should be implemented correct if an external receiver would be used.


      Thanks for your help.

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          The maximum speed at which the switch happens depends very much on the environment, the distance at which the modules are placed and the type of Adv and connection methods used.


          It is not possible to switch 4 times within 15 mS most of the times. Sometimes, if the Disconnection Pacet from the central gets lost, the peripheral will still stay in the connected state, till supervision timeout happens (minimum supervision timeout is 100 mS). On an average, switching from one device to another takes place in 50 mS.


          You may wait for the launch of PSoC 6 BLE Device which supports 4 connections at a time. It is likely to be launched by the middle of next quarter.




          - Madhu Sudhan

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            Hi Madhu,


            thanks, then I have to wait and hope for a price near to the one of the PRoC. So my first solution with one cable based transmitter for 4 joysticks was the right way to start. As 4 players are rare I could try it with two receivers and cable-less joysticks.