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      I am working on FX3 camera with UVC protocol. It is working fine with windows and getting rgb(rgb sensor) preview on Amcap. But when I am trying with Linux, preview is dropping after receiving one frame in almost all Linux uvc applications such as guvcview,mplayer,cheese etc.. I have also tried with ffmpeg dump which has given 1 frame as well. But stream is coming continuously from camera side. I have verified these packets using USB analyzer at host side. But Linux uvc application is getting empty buffer after receiving first frame.


      Do we need any configuration change at device endpoint while using with Linux devices?


      Any descriptor dependency with Linux devices?







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          What is the throughout/data-rate you are streaming ? What's your resolution/fps and image format? Please enable uart debug messages in the FX3 firmware and check if there is any failure during the streaming. Also, register for  PIB callback and check if there are any PIB error. CyU3PPibRegisterCallback (CyFxUvcAppPibCallback, CYU3P_PIB_INTR_ERROR); Streaming can stop for any reason, but we need to identify the cause. I suggest you that you also check with one lower resolution. Please refer to AN75779 to see the implementation of the PIB callback.

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            Hi Nishant,


            Thanks for your suggestions.


            I have fixed the issue with Linux for FX3 camera. Basically, certain queries are not handled at our firmware side. I have tested with v4l2 and uvcvideo drivers in debug mode which captured all these failures.






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              Hi, Alex.J

              I am working with 8-bit RGB sensor interfacing FX3 now. I have a hard time in making video streaming work using UVC framework sample code in AN75799. I am using Virtualdub as host application for data streaming. Which part of the UVC sample code have you modified to make it work?

              Thank you in advance.

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