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    FX3 SDK macOS



      I have installed mac version of FX3 SDK following the official procedure. But I can't run the eclipse since the Jave version mismach. 




      I removed all existing Java versions and tried both Java 7 and Java 6. None of these Java versions worked.




      Although FX3 SDK stated that the Java 7 is required, I have successfully installed and run FX3 SDK on Ubuntu 16.04 with Java 8. I think the macOS support for FX3 SDK would be an easy update for Cypress. Please help!





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          Which MAC OS are you using? Can you clarify the issue? are you not able to open the the eclipse? 


          If so, it can be a permssion issue, Please check:
          1) go to eclipse/ezUsbSuite.app/Contents/MacOS
          2) add the executable permissions  (chmod +x ezUsbSuite)


          If this does not help, please provide us a complete detail of the issue that you are facing (you can attach snapshots as well).

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            Hi Nishant


            I followed your method to add the executable permission and re-installed Java SE 6 runtime from Apple. Now Eclipse works!


            I am running macOS Sierra 10.12.2 on an Macbook Pro with 13-inch screen and touchbar.




            Best regards!

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              Similar problem here --

              I get a pop-up that says "To open “ezUsbSuite.app” you need to install the legacy Java SE 6 runtime." when I click on the eclipse icon.  I can start the app from a terminal window by  $HOME/Cypress/eclipse/ezUsbSuit.app/Contents/MacOS directory and typing ezusbsuite. (but it is very fragile ... lots o crashes)  After installing legacy Java SE 6, I can click on the ezusbsuite icon and I immediately get the crash report window. Followed the permissions recommendations above, but there was no change (already had exe permissions) Any ideas?


              OS version: 10.14.4

              ezUsbSuite version: 1.3.4


              -jim r