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    Newbie: SDK Linux installation directory structure problem?

      I followed the guide in the "Using the FX3 SDK on Linux Platforms, Version 1.3.3" documentation.

      Then I enter the firmware directory and run make cd ~/cypress/cyfx3sdk/firmware make ... === ... compile ===

      No errors, so the installation seem to be ok.


      Then I try to build an application like First_FX3_App. I do the following modification to the makefile:

      -FX3FWROOT=../.. -FX3PFWROOT=../../u3p_firmware +FX3FWROOT=/home/petter/cpress/cyfx3sdk/firmware +FX3PFWROOT=/home/petter/cypress/cyfx3sdk/firmware/u3p_firmware

      Then if I try to run make I get:

      makefile:22: /home/petter/cpress/cyfx3sdk/firmware/common/fx3_build_config.mak: No such file or directory make: *** No rule to make target '/home/petter/cpress/cyfx3sdk/firmware/common/fx3_build_config.mak'.  Stop.

      Is there a problem with my installation structure or is the First_FX3_App made for a different version of the SDK?


      There are quite a few candidates so I'm a bit confused:

      find ~/cypress/ -name fx3_build_config.mak /home/petter/cypress/cyfx3sdk/fw_build/boot_fw/fx3_build_config.mak /home/petter/cypress/cyfx3sdk/fw_build/fx3_fw/fx3_build_config.mak /home/petter/cypress/cyfx3sdk/firmware/boot_fw/build/fx3_build_config.mak /home/petter/cypress/cyfx3sdk/firmware/common/fx3_build_config.mak

      My environment (PATH modified to show last part)

      env|egrep cypress\|ARM ARMGCC_VERSION=4.8.1 PATH=...:/home/petter/cypress/arm-2013.11/bin ARMGCC_INSTALL_PATH=/home/petter/cypress/arm-2013.11 FX3_INSTALL_PATH=/home/petter/cypress/cyfx3sdk

      Any ideas?