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    do you need to use eclipse with the fx3?

      I'm pretty new to all of this stuff, and am working on a project with the CYUSBKIT-003 EZ-USB FX3. I know that Eclipse is included in the SDK to use with programming this board, but I've never used an IDE before and have heard that Eclipse is not the best to start using in the beginning. Is it possible to use a different platform to program the FX3, or does it have to be Eclipse?


      The main problem is that I am trying to create a GUI to control some code on the Eclipse board (which isn't on the board yet, but hopefully I can figure out something soon). I was able to figure out how to create a GUI on Visual Studios 2010, but I don't know how to bring it over to Eclipse (or if it's even possible). I've tried figuring out how to get some of the example programs to work in Eclipse, but I just keep running into problems. Working in VS2010 would be much easier for me, as I have already drafted some code there.


      Any and all help/input is appreciated!