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    Connection between central and peripheral only when they are very close (<20cm), is that possible?


      Hi all,


      In our application, there is one central and many peripheral devices inside the BLE range.
      We would like the central to send connection request to a peripheral only if the corresponded peripheral passes very close from the central.
      In this situation, someone could easily connect his mobile phone (=central) to a peripheral (our BLE application) by putting the devices close each other. Once connected, the devices should be able to be moved away and maintain connection. Without this, someone would have to pick the right Bluetooth device to connect to from a list of many other similar devices in range.


      We would like to perform connections automatically, without picking the correct device from a list.
      Is that possible in PSoC4 BLE?
      If it is not possible in PSoC4 BLE, then are there any other technologies to implement that?


      Any ideas?


      Best Regards,