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    Size and usage of bss

      I have two similar applications. One of them builds fine and is downloaded to my evaluation board. The other gives me the following errors:


      section `.bss will not fit in region `SRAM


      region `SRAM overflowed by 419076 bytes



      How can I find out what is contributing to this apparently huge difference in .bss usage.



      I have tried the usual ELF tools but they dont help, and size shows 0 bss so I assume it is being handled in some non-standard way.
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          You could look at the <target-name>_map.csv file. This is the XLS file.

          This file is located in /build/<target-name>/Binary/ directory.

          <target-name> is the target which you are building, for example, snip.scan-BDM943362WCD4


          Let me know if this helps.