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    Issues with BLE_OTA_UpgradableStackExample and Updated Component CyBle v3.30




      We are having the following issues with the BLE_OTA_UpgradableStackExample and Updated Component CyBle v3.30.


      Following build error when the CyBle components are updated from v2.30 to v3.30:


      Issue 1a:  Build error: CY_BOOT: Section .cy_checksum_exclude size exceedes specified limit.


      Issue 1b: Build error: section .cyloadablemeta loaded at [0003fec0,0003feff] overlaps section .cy_checksum_exclude loaded at [0003fc00,0003feff]


      Please advise any solutions for it? We are using the 256-KB flash BLE chip.


      Thanks & Best Regards,