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    New BLE component v3.30

      Hello, I have noticed that a new release of BLE Component for PSoC has been documented at http://www.cypress.com/file/334116/download


      but I am unable to upgrade my V3.20 component  in PSoC.


      I am interested in using the Software HCI mode, to create a small test application for radio type approval.


      Can you tell me when this version will be released ?




      I want to use CyBle_HciSendPacket()  function to set the radio in modulated and unmodulated TX mode on a single frequency (Low,Medium,High channel) and in continuous receive modes.




      Do you have a list of available HCI commands, an Application note that list the commands, or an existing example program ?


      Thanks for your support.

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          The 3.3 component will be coming with a a future release of the PSoC Creator in the near future. The exact timeline is not yet confirmed.


          For using the HCI Mode you can refer the CY8CKiT-042-BLE pioneer kit contents, It has an example named PROC_BLE_DTM. You can refer the pioneer kit user guide for details. An external CB tester is required.




          -Madhu Sudhan