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    undefined reference to `_gettimeofday

      I am trying to build my first application using the Broadcom IDE and a Broadcom evaluation board. I have managed to get a "hello world" application running on the evaluation board but when I try and build the full application I get the error:



      .../wiced/wiced-sdk-2.3.1/wiced-sdk/tools/arm_gnu/bin/win32/../../lib/thumb/v7mlibc.a(lib_a-gettimeofdayr.o): In function `_gettimeofday_r:


      /home/evan/Documents/Projects/Tool_Build/Yagarto/newlib-build/arm-none-eabi/thumb/v7m/newlib/libc/reent/../../../../../../../newlib-1.20.0/newlib/libc/reent/gettimeofdayr.c:71: undefined reference to `_gettimeofday



      I was getting similar errors for functions like _open but I managed to get rid of those by removing any use of open from my application, but I have removed all uses of gettimeofday and I am still getting this one error.